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Video:US shiva for Reb Gabi Sassoon entire kehila comes to be menachem avel

Rav Yisroel Belsky being menachem avel Reb Gavriel Sassoon: Gifter photos

Rabbi Shimshi Sherrer and his kehila paid a shiva call to Rav Gabi Sassoon in Brooklyn.

Flatbush Fire alluded to at many Shabbos Hagadol drashos

 With the Flatbush fire so fresh on our minds many Rabbonim spoke about it in their shabbos hagadol drasha. They spoke about emunah of nistarim darkei hashem no matter how painful it is its always for our good.  Of course we have to make sure we do our utmost hishtadlus with safety but to make the conversation about smoke detectors and hotplates is missing the point. There is a message here for us Hashem lit a fire hes telling us something. Rabbonim said over from Gedolei Eretz yisrael that since the fire took place on shabbos we should be mechazek kavod shabbos and increase Torah learning on shabbos.

It didnt take long for the haters to emerge

They were quiet for the first few days following the tragedy that took seven pure neshamos. But they could hold out no longer. The charedi apologists just couldn't control themselves anymore. Their total disregard to Gedolim and Rabbonim shown through. We were all recently witness to a historic video footage of the Chofetz chaim. It was the Chofetz Chaim who said that when there is a flood in China it is a lesson to klal yisrael. At a time when a tragedy hit so close to home it gives us a wake up call. Klal yisrael looks up to its leaders asking for guidance on how to improve themselves. No one knows the reason why it happened nor is anyone questioning it. Rav Chaim Kanievsky in his letter to Rabbi Sassoon said אין איתנו יודע על מה ועל מה עשה ה' לנו however Rav Chaim said it is because of our sins. The fire was not a coincidence and people look for guidance on areas that need improvement, when tragedy strikes. Gedolim alluded to the fact that it happened on Shabbos, that we be mechazek in shmiras shabbos and kavod shabbos. Others mentioned chizuk in kedusha and tznius. For some reason the bloggers and self haters dont want to face reality that Hashem is talking to us. Instead they are twisting the guidance of the gedolim as prophetic words on why it happened in order to attack and ridicule them. Despite their drivel,  klal yisrael was shown a lesson in Emunah by Rav Gavriel Sassoon, we are getting chizuk from him and in turn being mechazek ourselves which will be a iluy neshama for the pure neshamos.

Video: In English Rabbi Gavriel Sassoon- hopes to collect stories about his children for a memorial book.

Arutz Sheva paid a visit to Gabriel Sassoon, the bereaved father who tragically lost seven of his young children in a fire last Shabbat caused by a hot place malfunction at the family's home in Flatbush, Brooklyn.

Sassoon, who is currently sitting the traditional shiva period of seven days of intense mourning for his children in New York, remarked on the great outpouring of support from the Jewish community seen in huge turnouts at the funeral preparations in New York and then the burial in Jerusalem.

Following the tragedy there has been a "great awakening and opening of the hearts, and I don't want this opportunity to go to waste," he said. "I see how great the people really are, and that we are really one deep inside."  "Remember to love and live with love, if everything is lived with love it's a labor of life, it's a pleasure," Sassoon urged.

Speaking about the 3,000-year-old capital of the Jewish people where he buried seven of his children, he remarked "Jerusalem is for me the center of the's the most spiritual place there is, where the Beit Hamikdash (Holy Temple - ed.) is going to be rebuilt in the future. ...It's the heart of the Jewish people."

"I raised my kids to be pure and holy and that's the place I wanted for my kids to be. My kids grew up there, I bought next to them spots for me and my wife and my living daughter and her future husband," Sassoon said.

Rav Chaim Kanievsky writes condolence letter to Rabbi Gavriel Sassoon, calls chizuk in kedusha and shmiras shabbos

Rav Chaim Kanievsky sent a Nichum aveilim letter to Reb Gavriel Sassoon. In the letter Rav Chaim writes how saddened and shaken he was upon hearing of the tragedy that claims these holy pure neshamos, the tragedy was of such magnitude that it is because of our sins. Although we do not know why Hashem did this to us, he quoted the gemara in Shabbos (31a) that a fire is only found where there is chilul shabbos, therefore in order for the neshamos to have an aliyah we should accept shabbos a few minutes early before the zman and be mechazek in Tznius and kedusha and rid ourselves from the technological devices that defile our souls. That will be a iluy neshama for the holy neshamos may we be zoche בנחמת ציון וירושלים and as chazal say in Nissan we will be redeemed.
מכתב תנחומים להרה"צ ר' גבריאל ששון וכל המשפחה החשובה שליט"א, נזדעזענו לשמוע על האסון הנורא אשר כל שומעיו תצלנה אוזניו על הנשמות היקרות והזכות שנחטפו במיתה כ"כ  משונה וודאי הוא בעוון הדור וחשיב את לאיתפושי אדרך והשי"ת ישלח רפו"ש במהרה. "איתא בשבת ל"ג א' בעוון נבלות פה צרות רבות וגזירות קשות מתחדשות ובחורי שונאי ישראל מתים וכו' ושם דף קי"ט ב' אין הדליקה מצויה אלא במקום שיש חילול שבת והנה אין איתנו יודע על מה ועל מה עשה ה' לנו, אך כל הקרובים אל החלל שרוצים לעשות עילוי נשמה צריכים להתחזק לשמור על צניעות וקדושה ולסלק את כל המכשירים הטמאים המטמאים את נפשות האדם, ולקבל שבת כמה רגעים לפני הזמן ובוודאי יהיה בזה עילוי נשמה לבני נפשות הנקיות, והשי"ת יאמר למלאך הרף ונראה בקרוב בנחמת ציון וירושלים ובניסן עתידים להגאל".

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Do you say ויהי נועם on Motzei Shabbos when Erev Pesach falls out on Friday?

This motzei Shabbos,  Shabbos hagadol ,the Mishna berurah states (הלנות שבת סימן רצה רצו) that we do say Viyhi Noam since Pesach does not start during the six days of the week the first day Pesach is on Shabbos. Although Erev Pesach falls out on Friday and it is a yom tov, never the less it is not a yom tov Gamur it is like Purim and therefore we say ויהי נועם on the motzei shabbos before.

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Maos chittim campaign for Yair Lapid - Pesach 5775

By: Effy koman

Yair Lapid has no where to go  for the seder this year. He asked Netanyahu  if he could come over, but the latter told him hes better off by Herzog {wines} for the four cups, instead. What have I in common with 'Labor", he retorted; !?מה העבודה הזאת לכם.

Eli Yishai wont be at Netanyahu's Seder this year either; he says its a whole "chad gadya", how that came be. 

Kachlon stole the Afikomen early on; but he has yet to reap all its dividends.

Naftali Bennet will be coming over to the Rosh Memshala this year. He says, his favorite part of the seder is  להסב על השמאל - leaning on the left.

When asked, how can one sit with the Agudah at the same table when he passed that law a year ago, he replied that he does as per the Hagaddah narrative: מתחיל בגנות ומסיים בשבח. R. Gafni and R. Litzman will sing for him the refrain, if you would have taken us all to בית סוהר and cancelled the מלגות from all the yeshivos,  - Dayeinu, it would have been enough.

Rumor has it that Netanyahu will ask Bennet to open the door for שפוך חמתך. 

 כאשר זכינו לסדר אותו כן נזכה לעשותו                                            
.אמן כן יהי רצון

Shiva Info for Rav Gabi Sassoon in the US

Reb Gavriel Sassoon will be sitting shivah in Brooklyn today, tomorrow, Motzoei Shabbos, and Sunday morning at Congregation Keter Torah, located at 2220 Avenue L, at East 23rd Street, in Brooklyn, NY.

Shacharis Friday morning will be at 7 a.m. Shacharis on Sunday morning will be at 7:30 a.m.

The Sassoon and Jemal families have established a charitable fund that will assist parents who are struggling with extreme financial burdens so that they can pay yeshiva tuition.

he Sassoon Children Memorial Fund has no overhead or expenses and is being guided by community rabbonim.

Agudah Spends Day in Albany Lobbying for Tuition Tax Credits

 group of Agudah activists spent Wednesday in the Capitol cajoling recalcitrant lawmakers, strengthening allies and confronting opponents, in an effort to revive chances for a breakthrough on a potentially historic education tax credit.

 Hamodia -The Agudath Israel of America delegation, headed by Rabbi Shmuel Lefkowitz, the groups’ vice president for community affairs, and Leon Goldenberg and Chaskel Bennett, members of the board of trustees, divided themselves into small groups.

The more than two dozen activists met in Assemblyman Dov Hikind’s office in the morning, then fanned out throughout the chamber, approaching individual lawmakers to garner support for the Education Investment Tax Credit.

The message, Bennett said, was that there was no reason a $142 billion budget could not find some leeway to help private school parents from the crushing burden of tuition.

“Billions of dollars are added to public education and the state can’t figure out a way to help private schools with 50 to 75 million dollars? Is this too much of a lift?” Bennett questioned.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Video: Jewish couple who called 911 on the tragic Flatbush Fire describe scene

Video: Reb Gabi Sassoon speaks to Israeli media during Shiva about coping with his tragedy

A message With Wings

 Hamodia - By Harav Yisrael Reisman Rav of Agudah in Flatbush

Wednesday, March 245, 2015 |  ה' ניסן תשע"ה
My father, z”l, had yahrzteit on 13 Sivan, the day that he lost 22 members of his immediate family in the Holocaust. His own father, the only one who merited to come to kevurah, was beaten to death by the Nazis, and his mother and 21 other members of his family died too, all on that one day. My father was never able to speak about what had happened in those years. When asked, his response was silence.

Yesterday, I attended the funeral and I heard from Reb Gavriel Sassoon what was possibly the most amazing lesson of my life. This was a practical, real message for every day of our lives — that is, that when we suffer, we surrender our will to the Will of Hashem and that is how we go on. I heard my father’s voice from Heaven while I was standing at the funeral. He said, “I picked myself up and raised children with silence. I accepted without understanding and went on, because that is what we do when we do not understand.”

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Father who lost seven children in train accident consoles Reb Gabi Sassoon

 crying together over 14 neshamos
 At the shiva house of Rav Gabi Sassoon there wasn't a dry eye when Rav Avrohom Bernstein who lost seven of his children in a train accident a few years ago came to be menachem avel Rav Gabi who just lost his seven children. How do we cope? how do we go on from such a tragedy? asked rav Gabi. Rav Avrohom answered only with emunah can one move on its very hard but through Emunah in Hashem that enables us to continue on. Rav Gavriel Sassoon related when he lived in Israel he would bring two of his children Z''L for some after school kriah program that was run by Rabbi Bernstein. Mrs. Bernstein would show rav Gavriel  an album with pictures of her seven children who died in the fiery crash. Despite her loss she would show great strength in emunah. It was that memory  of  Rebbetzin Bernstein which helped me cope the past few days said Reb Gavriel.
Matzivos of the Bernstein children Z'L

Ultimate Lesson in Faith By Rabbi Joey Haber

 Hamodia-  speech given by  Rabbi Joey Haber

Tuesday, March 24, 2015 | ד' ניסן תשע"ה
Over the past 72 hours most families have been sitting around  saying, “It’s crazy.”

I did the same. When I was asked to speak, I had no idea what to say.
Most people look at this in three parts: the children, the parents, and the community. We will start with the children.

A story was told by Rav Chaim Vital about 500 years ago. A woman lost her husband. Two years later she was still struggling terribly with the pain of her situation. One of her sons needed a shidduch, another was struggling financially, and a young child had died.

Misaskim launches project to write a Sefer Torah leilui nishmasom of 7 young kedoshim a"h

It is with a broken heart and spirit that Misaskim, together with all of Klal Yisroel, mourns the incomprehensible and devastating loss of the seven young kedoshim, A”H that tragically perished in a fire that consumed their home on Shabbos Parshas Vayikrah.  Misaskim pooled all its resources, and much more in order to offer support to the stricken Sassoon family in the aftermath of this harrowing nightmare.

Misaskim volunteers were dispatched to the hospital to ensure the utmost kavod hames for these pure souls. The organization was instrumental in facilitating positive interactions between law enforcement officials, the investigation team, and the Medical Examiner's Office. Misaskim arranged the transport of the niftarim to Israel and was called upon to join with NYC's finest in arranging for the sorrowful levayah that was attended by thousands of people.

Welcome home!

Welcome home signs spotted on many front doors in the frum neighborhoods. The boys are back.Yeshiva Bochurim are back from Eretz Yisrael after spending a year (some more some less) learning in yeshiva away from home. Some will stay and continue in a post EY yeshiva and begin shidduchim others will return for another zman or year of learning. For now we welcome back all yeshiva bochurim as they bring the ruach of yeshiva back home to the local shuls and communities. Ashreichem! Ashreichem! Welcome home.

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Video: Moment of silence at the Barclay center in Brooklyn for the Sassoon children a''h

At the Nets basketball game tonight in the Barclay center the crowd stands in silence remembering the Sassoon children A''H


Photos: Roshei yeshiva attend Groundbreaking for Kleinman holocaust museum

American Roshei yeshiva from Lakewood and Brooklyn were on hand at the hanochas even hapinah for the new Holocaust museum in Boro Park. The new building will be located next to the Agudas Yisrael zichron Moshe Sherer  building off 16th avenue.
Rav Malkiel Kotler, Novomisker Rebbe, Mateersdorf Rav, Viyalopoler Rebbe

Klal Yisrael’s Heart Is Shattered

 Hamodia  editorial- There are no adjectives which can possibly describe the depth of the pain that enveloped our community when the news spread of the unfathomable tragedy in Flatbush on Friday night. As thousands gathered in the streets of Boro Park for the heartbreaking levayah, the grief in the air was tangible, and the calamity dominated every conversation.

As we beseech Hashem for the recovery of the heroic mother, Gila Gail bat Tzipora Frances, and her daughter Tzipora bat Gila Gail, there are no words with which we can possibly offer consolation to Gavriel Sassoon, the shattered father who exhibited such a lofty level of emunah at the levayah. All that can be said is “Hamakom yenachem eschem” — only the Omnipresent can possibly offer consolation.

As we grapple to try to come to terms with this indescribable tragedy, it is imperative that we bear in mind what Mr. Sassoon said in his hesped.

Hundreds paying shiva visit to Reb Gabi Sassoon in Yerushalayim שבעה על שבעה

                                       שבעה על שבעה
Rav Gavriel Sassoon is sitting shiva for his seven children a''h, in Eretz yisrael at Rechov Ramat Hagolan 47 (or rechov Paran) in the Ramat Eshkol neighborhood of yerushalayim. He said the only way he can go on is with the help that Hashem gives him to survive such a tragedy.
He will be there until Wednesday afternoon at 12 pm where he will then fly back to the US to be with his wife and surviving daughter may they have a Refuah Shleima. Please continue to daven for the mother Gila bas Tziporah and  daughter  Tziporah bas Gila.